I want to provide version information as detail to a support request but I do not know where to find it.


Please expand the chapter for your specific tool.

The current version is shown in the information dialog. To access it navigate via Help > Info.

You can find these information in the log files as well.

= 06.12.2020 08:10:00 (UTC +1:00) === ECU-TEST 2020.4.104973+9c25f4402cc6 104973+9c25f4402cc6 (2020/11/05 17:32:22) (64bit) ===

Take a look at [Logging] Where can I find log files.

Take a look at the TEST-GUIDE website. At the bottom of each site the version is shown.


On the Jenkins Plugin Manager you will find the version of the TraceTronic ECU-TEST Plugin.

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