While trying to start the TBC I am running into a timeout error after 10 minutes.

ToolLib time: 11:17:16.695 ControlDeskNGLib: Starting Online Calibration in ControlDesk ...
tts.core.toolingFramework.interface.Proxy.__call__: Timeout: Tool call aborted
tts.core.dataViewer.DataManager.UpdateModelObject: Port MDL01 (@local): PortExecuteJob() failed: Timeout: Tool call aborted

Is there a way to increase the time to make sure my tools can be loaded properly?


The default ECU-TEST tool connection timeout is 10 minutes.
If the tool is unresponsive after the duration of the timeout, then the tool call will be terminated.

The timeout can be adjusted in the TBC file. This is a property of the tool host of the test bench configuration.

Keep in mind:

Increasing the tool timeout affects all tools of the tool host as well.
This might help you for loading a complex model structure, because ECU-TEST caches the initial
loaded information to speed up upcoming tool calls.

We recommend to reset the tool time out after the loading the initial configuration.

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