For my existing project I would like to add some system identifiers. Or is there a way to modify existing ones?


By default ECU-TEST supplies system identifiers for the following access points:

  • Model
  • Failure simulation
  • Bus access
  • Control units
  • Symbol database
  • Environment simulation

Here are some examples:

In case you need other names or more system identifiers you can add them it in ECU-TEST.

Please have a look at Options > Settings > System identifier:

In the drop down menu you can select the respective system identifier group.
On the button Edit name you can change the system identifier list and its items.
Please note the upcoming warning before continuing.


Create these names at the beginning of a project.
Do not modify system identifier items in real existing projects, because you can break the signal mappings in the test cases
as it is already stated in the upcoming warning.

We do not recommend to edit the names via modifying ..\.workspace\systemidentifiers.xml.

Use only the ECU-TEST GUI.

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