I want to provide log files as details to a support ticket but I do not know where to find them and which log files are relevant.


The general ECU-TEST log files are in your temporary directory.
For a quick access you can enter %temp% in your Microsoft Windows Start menu and navigate to your respective ECU-TEST version directory.
There you will find ECU_TEST_ERR.log  and ECU_TEST_OUT.log. If you use test management service you will find a TMS.log  as well.

If you use Tool-Server you will find Tool-Server_ERR.log  and Tool-Server_OUT.log.

Whenever you execute a test, ECU-TEST will generate specific ECU_TEST_ERR.log  and ECU_TEST_OUT.log in the same folder as the test report (.trf)


Ctrl + F10 will open ECU_TEST_ERR.log, ECU_TEST_OUT.log and TMS.log directly in an editor.

The general TEST-GUIDE log files are stored in your TEST-GUIDE workspace directory: ~TEST-GUIDE_WORKSPACE~\TTS-TM\logs

Take a look at your TEST-GUIDE instance and navigate to Info > Help contents >8.2. Working with logs.

Please log into Jenkins and navigate to the failed build.
Select Console Output > View as plain text and copy the whole text into an editor and save it as a .txt file.

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