How can I control different versions of ECU-TEST in the same Jenkins job? My current approach is causing the following errors in Jenkins:

[TT] ERROR: Could not determine ECU-TEST COM version!
[TT] ERROR: Starting ECU-TEST 2020.1 failed!


This issue is related to your current settings directory.

By default the Jenkins plugin uses the Jenkins-job-workspace as directory for the ECU-TEST settings.

It is not possible to use the same settings directory for e.g. ECU-TEST 2020.1 and ECU-TEST 2020.3.

The solution is, to add the settingsDir option to the startET step.

startET(toolName: 'ECU-TEST 2020.1', workspaceDir: 'D:\\ECUTEST_WS
ws_2020.1', settingsDir: 'ET20201Settings')

startET(toolName: 'ECU-TEST 2020.3', workspaceDir: 'D:\\ECUTEST_WS
ws_2020.3', settingsDir: 'ET2020.3Settings')
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