The ECU-TEST GUI is not visible or there are problems with external tool connections.


When running the Jenkins agent (or master) as a Windows service that executes ECU-TEST then by default this service runs in scope of the SYSTEM user in a background Windows session. Therefore all processes started in this session are not visible to the normal user session and there could be problems due to insufficient user rights. In summary it is NOT recommended to install the agent as a service but to run the agent from command line or to launch via Java Web Start.

In order to be able to use this prefered approach follow these instructions:

  • Open Global Security Configuration in Jenkins and set the TCP port for JNLP agents either to random or to fixed unused port number greater than 1024.
  • Create a new agent or configure an existing one and set the launch method to Launch agent via Java Web Start.
  • Start the agent by either using the Launch button or execute the displayed Java command in a command prompt.

Now the ECU-TEST GUI should appear in the same session as the Jenkins agent is running when starting a new build. Additionally, other problems with external tools connected to ECU-TEST or the Tool-Server should be limited.

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