I am running into different kind of issues in my test setup, but I cannot find out what is causing these. The
message window is showing error messages.

What can I do now?


There are a few possibilities you can check. If none of these work, feel free to contact us.

Check logfiles

The ECU-TEST logfiles (ECU_TEST_ERR.log and especially ECU_TEST_OUT.log) offer you an option
to get a better overview which problems occured during your test case.

Sometimes the error message itself hints you already the cause of the issue.

These are located in %TEMP%\ECU-TEST [Version] or next to the created test report.

Always check the whole trace back of an error message. This will most likely point you to the root case
of the error message.

Check if your workflow is working manually in the respective tool

ECU-TEST can only automate workflows that work manually.

If the desired function does not work within the tool, it will also not work with ECU-TEST either.

Check for your problem in a newly created workspace

Sometimes specific problems only occur because of a damaged workspace. If the problem cannot be
reproduced in a newly created workspace, it is very likely that there is a problem in the old one.

If it is working in a fresh workspace try adding files from the original workspace one by one to find the
root case of your problem.

Check your UserPyModules

If you use UserPyModules try to check them for incompatibilities with ECU-TEST. It might be the case,
that they interfere with each other.

To except the general coherence you can remove all of them from your workspace and add them
one by one until you find the trouble shooting one.

Make sure to verify the respective UserPyModule each time you insert it.

To update the user libraries press CTRL + SHIFT+ R in ECU-TEST.

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