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ECU-TEST is not starting. I am receiving the following error message even before the workspace selection is coming up.

The shown localsettings.xml is just an example, you may face the error with one of the following files as well.

  • analysisexecution.xml
  • directories.xml

  • ETdrive.xml

  • externallibraries.xml

  • favorites.xml

  • filters.xml

  • history.xml

  • interactiveexecution.xml

  • pkgattr.spec

  • prjattr.spec

  • protocol.xml

  • pythonlibrary.xml

  • reportauthenticity.xml

  • signalviewer.xml
  • signalviewer2layout.xml
  • signalViewerHistory.json
  • swk.xml

  • systemidentifiers.xml

  • tags.spec

  • testeditor.xml

  • testexecution.xml

  • testManagement.xml

  • testreportservice.xml

  • units.spec

  • utilities.ini
  • verdictmappings.xml

  • versioncontrolsystem.xml

  • view.xml


In this case the error message is related to a corrupted localsettings.xml.

You can fix this error by deleting the file mentioned above.

ECU-TEST will recreate the file on the next start.

Deleting a settings file results in the reset of the contained settings.

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